Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The context

For those wondering why i have decided on such a trip, often people who know me well have asked questions like
1. What are you looking for?
2. Are you going with someone?
3. Why so ambitious?

I suppose as a summary in response to such questions I don't specifically have someone or something i am looking for. But i am chasing a challenge, wanting to search how far i can push myself since for a while now there has been little challenge in my work other than working OS.

But I also feel that in the south of Argentina God has something to show me. Not only his amazing creation but also for me to ask some questions of what i really want to do with my next 30 years.

I am not planning on trying to specifically travel with someone else since i don't really have any friends left who would have the amount of time free, but if you want to join me for some parts of it that would be cool.

The trip route is now pretty ambitious, its almost a full round the world trip. Starting Beunos Aries, ending in Bangkok (if money permits)

The plan was always to get into Mongolia/Russia/Kazakhstan. But leaving Sept 09 from SE Asia puts be in this area by winter over there, this def wont work. Hence I figure South America would also be an awesome trip so figured why not try and do both and see how far i get ...

To be honest i don't think the distance has yet hit me but i hope that coming from Australia doing up to 400km a day doesn't really phase me (as long as roads permit). I will try and blog reasonably regularly mostly with photos and videos. My leaving party and 30th is on the 14th August at the Oaks, love to see you for a drink before i go.

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